Reducing Raspberry Pi SD card writes

Thu Feb 24, 2022 Today I Learned

Recently my Raspberry Pi’s SD Card stopped working, most likely due to the high volume of read/write operations on it. I run a pi-hole which is constantly running in the background, and generates a lot of logs. Since these are written to disk, the integrity of the SD Card is known to wear down significatly.

I was running Raspbian on it, which does not optimize any I/O (that I’m aware of). I did a little research to see what can be done and found a really cool alternative: DietPi.

The unique thing about DietPi which applies here is that it can hold all logs in RAM, and then sync them once an hour to the SD Card.

So far it seems to work well, and in worst-case scenario I might lose an hour of logs if the Pi restarts or something.