Launched: Benjamin Obdyke

Tue Jan 7, 2014

Benjamin Obdyke’s new home page

Since May 2013 I’ve been working with the insanely talented designers and developers at King Design. My time there has been pretty nuts; lots of client work, jumping into projects that have been brewing for many months.

I’m proud to say my first complete front-end build with King Design is also my first ExpressionEngine build. And I have to admit, ExpressionEngine rules. After a brief learning curve, I found the templating engine a breeze to work with. I still have a lot to learn, and I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s under the hood in EE.

This particular project took a little under two months to code, which included a few iterations of functionality and design. More updates are on the way for this one too. I’m really looking forward to another ExpressionEngine project now!