Launched: SAND Journal

Tue Dec 11, 2012

SAND Journal

Labors of love tend to get drawn-out longer than any other projects, at least for me. I think I began working on SAND’s new website back in April after one of their editors approached me about the project during an event at the American Academy in Berlin. How could I turn down helping out a literary journal? I want my trajectory to include projects that are more culturally relevant or important, and the SAND staff are certainly working their asses off to make this journal amazing.

The website is built on Drupal, since content management was pretty central to what SAND needs. They needed custom content types to feature exclusive online content, which could include anything from photo-essays to video to issue previews to poetry and yeah anything in between. No fancy development footwork here. Just giving a boost to an already kickass lit journal.

Get a copy of SAND at a local bookstore if you live in Berlin.