Eric Schaefer

RuPy in Brno, Being a Human


Attending the RuPy 2012 conference last week was time well spent. Like the name suggests, it was designed to bring together two factions of the programming world, thus minimizing the typical cultish cheerleading for either side at conferences like this, or at least laying a framework for calling bullshit. Even Rails core contributor Steve Klabnik was happy to throw parts of the Rails framework under the bus, and point out their weaknesses in his presentation. That’s the essence of open source development anyway.

Steve actually takes this a lot farther (further?) on Twitter and his blog, calling out the dev world on some major shortcomings. I won’t summarize here, but these articles gave me hope:

In the same vein, see fvck school, in which Twitter Bootstrap creator @fat boldly put it:

Drop out of school or study english. That’s how you win at javascript. - 28.5.12